A Note to Parents/Guardians:

We’re excited to partner with you on showcasing your child’s creative work while encouraging your child to use and share their skills, talents, and ideas. Renowned children’s book author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, steers our ship providing artistic direction for each issue, and sharing his enthusiastic and inspirational energy at all of our publication celebrations.

We collaborate with elementary school teachers nationwide, sometimes discussing ideas for their students and sometimes offering specific assignments or students to produce creative work that imparts positive values and promotes self-esteem. We collaborate with parents and can arrange ‘Special Assignments’. Sometimes this means simply ‘floating some ideas’, or coordinating an interview with a children’s book author or illustrator in your community.

  • If accepted, your child will be contacted through your email address by our editor within 2 months following submission deadline.

  • There are no costs involved in submitting work, and we do not offer compensation for published works.

  • All submissions need to have a parent or guardian complete a Parent Consent and Media Release form in order to be considered for publication.

  • We are not able to inform kids whose work is not accepted, but encourage them to try again.

  • Submissions do not need to be related to current theme in order to be considered for publication. Violent or destructive content will not be considered.

Got Ambition-Need Direction?

We encourage you to consider being a HUTCH reporter on Special Assignment. We have theme-related writing prompts, photography projects, and more. Would you like to try your hand at being a journalist? We may be able to arrange for you to interview a children's book author or illustrator. Contact us!

To Submit Work


 Theme for next issue:

Look What We Can Create When We Create Together: The Power of ‘We’

Submission Deadline:

February 15, 2020

Use your parent's or teacher's email to send your name, a description of what you're submitting, an author/artist bio, and a file of your work to: