Our Mission

HUTCH magazine provides an inviting platform for young learners to share their ideas while focusing on positive and constructive values. HUTCH is an accessible resource for child educators wishing to encourage meaningful learning through the unique experience of being published in a print magazine. 

Who’s Who

Nancy headshot.png

Senior Editor Nancy Marsh takes tremendous pleasure in helping kids express their ideas, concerns, and dreams through art-making, creative writing, and journalistic reporting. A licensed clinical social worker with a background in the graphic arts field, she utilizes a unique skill set to bring out the best in kids. Nancy is the mother of three and enjoys nothing more than watching her children happily absorbed in creative activity. It is this gratifying space that she finds herself in when pulling together the elements for each issue of HUTCH.


Creative Editor Peter H. Reynolds is an accomplished writer, storyteller and illustrator, who brings his enthusiasm and energy to every project he creates. As an author, he has become well known for his best-selling books about protecting and nurturing the creative spirit, including the three books in his “Creatrilogy”—The DotIsh and Sky Color. Peter and his twin brother Paul, launched the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, and Creativity (TLC) to encourage creativity and innovation in teaching and learning. It is dedicated to ensuring that all learners develop the vision, confidence, knowledge and skills needed to move their own lives forward, and to use their talents, strengths and energy to move their communities and the world to a better place. Creative oversight of this magazine is part of that mission.


Managing Editor Janet Reynolds started in the publishing business a long time ago, and has been passionate about children’s literature for even longer. With a background in communications, literature and early education, HUTCH magazine is a perfect project to combine her interests. After managing the daily operations of the Blue Bunny Bookstore for eleven years, Janet is happy to share the creative mission and spirit of the store with the aspiring young writers and artists who submit their work to HUTCH magazine. She loves seeing the delight and pride on the contributors’ faces on publication party night each season.


What is HUTCH magazine?

HUTCH is a kids’ literary and creativity magazine, published semi-annually under the direction of Peter H. Reynolds, with the help of The Blue Bunny Bookstore, and his non-profit foundation, The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, and Creativity.  The magazine features stories, art, poetry, book reviews, travel logs and interviews submitted by kids. The first issue of HUTCH was published in June of 2008.

Each Spring and Fall, The Blue Bunny invites children ages 5-12 to submit art, poetry, stories, book reviews, photos and other journalistic pieces for consideration.  Each issue starts with a central theme, and all submissions are requested to be focused toward positive values.

The magazine is produced with help from a volunteer editing staff and The Reynolds Center, where the layout and design is enhanced with original illustrations and art direction by Peter H. Reynolds. The 40-page magazine is published in a high-gloss professionally-printed format, and is also available as a online download.

Every new issue is welcomed with a publication party at The Blue Bunny Bookstore, where all of the children who have contributed can celebrate with their families.  Every child whose submission is accepted receives an invitation to the party, along with a free copy of the magazine and a certificate.  Peter always addresses the group of children with a encouraging speech and a crowd-pleasing countdown as he opens the box of freshly printed magazines.  After the magazines are distributed, a group photo in front of the Blue Bunny Bookstore has been a tradition.

All children in grades K-6 are invited to submit their creative work for consideration for publication.  Printed copies of HUTCH magazine may be purchased at The Blue Bunny Bookstore at 577 High Street in Dedham, Massachusetts or by calling the The Blue Bunny directly at 781-493-6568.